“What do you mean you went to see the Harry Potter studios!?!?!”



So, while in England I went out to Watford, about 40 minutes outside London, and visited the Harry Potter Studios. This is where all eight movies were shot over a 10 year period.

I could say I went because of my film production background and it was a great opportunity to see a working film studio in person, which is true.

I could say I went because of how much respect I have for J.K. Rowling making a whole generation of kids rediscover the joy of reading, which is also absolutely true.

But I really went because I love the books and movies and I’ve wanted to go for a long time. So there!!!

Doors to the Great Hall

Doors to the Great Hall

I’m only posting a few pictures without any descriptions. I took way too many pictures to post them all here. As for the descriptions, well…if you don’t like Harry Potter it wouldn’t make a difference and if you do like Harry Potter, descriptions are not necessary.

Here is the link to the Warner Brother Studio Tour of The Making of Harry Potter.


Should you ever find yourself in London, alone or with your kids, I can highly recommend the tour. It was both fun and informative. One word of warning however. The staff is very fond of saying, “Secrets will be revealed.” If you don’t want to spoil the illusion of the films, this might not be for you. But if you like finding out how ‘green screen’ works, how special effects work, how props work, and a ton more stuff like this, you will spend the best 4 hours walking around the huge lot. You can even have a butterbeer. I did!

Speaking of green screens, (for those of you who do not know what this is, it’s the process used in film making where a character(s) stand in front of a green wall and the background is electronically added onto the picture) this process was used extensively in the production of the Harry Potter films. It is how they did the flying broom sequences among others. Yeah, you know what’s coming! During the tour, you are given the opportunity to ‘fly’ a broom on green screen. Of course I did it! You know you’re jealous because you didn’t!! You can purchase a video and/or pictures of your ‘flying experience’. Guess which package I bought?

HP Car HP FL Hog

(Of course I bought the green screen video of me on the flying broom. Special screening only!!!)

OK! OK! Here is a little teaser clip!

If you would like to see more of my pictures…then you really need to get out more!! LOL. Or you can go over to my Flickr site and see many more. There are over 200 of them. Hmmm…maybe I need to get out more.


More pictures of ‘traditional’ London will be posted soon.


5 responses to ““What do you mean you went to see the Harry Potter studios!?!?!”

  1. amazing!!! good for you for taking the time to go… the pictures are incredible!

  2. oh Andy you make me laugh. I’m so glad you are having such great experiences. Thanks for sharing, even if it does make us jealous!
    hugs xoxoxox

  3. Ok now I am jeolous.

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