We really do have a nice campus!

I never get tired of that blue sky

I never get tired of that blue sky

Every now and again, as I walk around our campus, I am amazed at how great it is. We are so busy every day that we tend to lose sight of the fact that things get better and better every week.

To look back at what we had in mid August and compare it to what we have today is literally amazing. How did we get so much done in so little time? I’m so proud to be a part of this great team!

Here are a few pictures of this jewel on the mountain in Taif, Saudi Arabia, I hope you get a chance to see it for yourself.


4 responses to “We really do have a nice campus!

  1. It is pretty cool to see the Niagara College logo out there in Taif. Looks like an awesome campus.

  2. Well it sure is nice to see that blue sky! We have no snow right now, but the skies are gray! Forecasting snow for tomorrow. If we win the lotto we will come out for a tour of your campus!!!!
    Take care see you in the new year Yes???

  3. I’m expecting the “Supper” treatment when I’m home in February! I’ll bring the scotch. LOL

  4. Happy New Year Andy!!!Fabulous looking campus!

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