Souk Madinat Jumeirah – Dubai, UAE

Souk Madinat Jumeirah 10

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Sorry it’s been so long since my last posting. April has been a very hectic month for us here Saudi Arabia. On top of that, I had a group presentation and final paper to complete for my masters.

Last week I was in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Niagara College had a booth at the International Exhibition and Conference for Higher Education (IECHE). It’s not normally what I do but we were short-handed so I volunteered to help out. I’m glad I did. It was a great time! We met a lot of people interested in both our Canadian and Taif campuses.


Who is that handsome stranger?

We were invited to the Canadian Ambassador, Tom MacDonald’s, official residence for a small gathering where we made some very important connections. I took full advantage of the open bar and had a few Crown Royal and cokes. It always feels ‘naughty’ to have alcohol in Saudi Arabia but when you’re at the Canadian Embassy, you’re in Canada!

Just before my five long, long days in Riyadh, I went to Dubai. It was good to get away from the normal routine and relax a bit. I actually spent about a day and a half working on my final paper. A very well travelled paper, that one. LOL

It wasn’t all homework and study however. I did take some time to do a bit of exploring. I spent an afternoon at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, on the shores of the beautiful Arabian Gulf. The weather was excellent, if not a bit too warm. It got up to 46C on a couple of the days I was there. Nothing a cold beer and a wee dram of scotch won’t take of!

‘Souk’ is the Arabic equivalent to ‘market’. You can find souks all over the Middle East. It’s a gathering spot for the locals where the latest news is shared and discussed…loudly!! LOL.  Of course, like every market, there are plenty of shops, restaurants, food offerings and rest areas to be experienced. Madinat is no different.

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Burj Al Arab

It’s an authentic re-creation of a Middle Eastern ancient marketplace. Lots of winding streets and pathways, both inside and outside. The air conditioned inside was my particular favorite. As the saying goes, you can find just about everything in a souk so the variety is quite extensive. As you all know, I am NOT a shopper. However, the Madinat Jumeirah has a lot more to offer than shopping. I had a great seafood feast at one of the local restaurants, complete with a cold pint (or two).

I picked up a small silk rug for home and a great looking brass Arabian coffee pot as well. Of course half the fun of buying anything at a souk is the negotiations for the price. Since I have no real idea what the value is for the two items I bought, I can’t say if I got a good deal or not. I did talk the price of the silk rug down to less than half the asking price. I have no doubt the worms that supplied the silk were from the bad part of town!!

I took a daylong trip out to the east coast of EAU and a sunrise hot air balloon trip over the deserts of Dubai. I will have more on that in a few days but, for now, here are a few pictures of my visit to the Souk!

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6 responses to “Souk Madinat Jumeirah – Dubai, UAE

  1. hi Andy
    Nice to see you are still a happy little traveler. Glad to hear you did some school
    work. The stranger in the suit looks pretty handsome.
    Here in Port things are going o.k. My next chemo session is this Thursday…then I will be half way! Geo has played his first round of golf for the season.
    When are you home next???
    Keep your notes coming…I really enjoy hearing from you. Take care.
    love &hugs xoxoxoxox

  2. I figured the school teacher in you would appreciate that, LOL. “Going o.k.” and “chemo session” are rarely heard together. I’m certain there are challenges but that you are, like always, handling them like a champ. Good for you.Keep smilling. I really does help.

    There are times here that I feel I’m playing golf as well. After all, I use to spend most of my time in the ‘sand trap’ anyway. The Saudi desert constantly reminds me of my game!!

    If everything sticks to the plan (he says tongue firmly planted in cheek) I will be home for a visit in mid to late June. At least it will be warmer than last time.

    Hugs and kisses to everyone but especially you. Keep smilling.

  3. The Canadian Embassy, eh. They’ll let anyone in there, I guess! Yes, June here in Welland is supposed to be warmer than February. (Bring a parka in case…lol)

  4. As long as your Canadian!! I seem to have misplaced my parka here in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. I may have to borrow yours.

  5. Hello my friend,
    I’m so very glad that all is going well for you and I’m sure you are enjoying every minute (even though the heat may be excessive). The heat in Belize right now is up there (only 44 degrees Celsius – 111 degrees Fahrenheit) but there is a Caribbean breeze that helps to compensate. Enjoy life, André!

    • I have no doubt you are using more the Caribbean breeze to stay cool LOL. It certainly seems retirement is treating you well. How can it not? Living in paradise and all that time to with as you please. I still envy you but I must admit that I don’t have much to complain about either.

      Have a cool ‘Caribbean Breeze’ for those of us who can’t!

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