So…the Canadian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia dropped by.

So…the Canadian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Tom MacDonald, dropped by. Oh, and the Chair of our Executive Board, Allan Schmidt, is also here.

Canadian Ambassador Tom MacDonald (6th from left) and Chair of our Executive Board Allan Schmidt (7th from left)

Canadian Ambassador Tom MacDonald (6th from left) and Chair of our Executive Board Allan Schmidt (7th from left)

What a great honour to have both Tom and Allan here on campus. Allan’s visit was planned but we were surprised by Tom ‘s last-minute stopover. The Ambassador was in Jeddah with our Minister of Foreign Affairs meeting with the Saudis.

We had a nice lunch and then showed Tom and Allan around our beautiful campus. While most of our main Academic building is near completion, construction continues on our other three buildings and the hotel. We cleaned up the best we could though. LOL.

What a team!

What a team!

Afterward, we took the Ambassador to the Telefric (cable car) for the ride down to the water park. Once there, we were toured and shown the facilities. By that time, the Telefric and park are usually closed for the night but it’s amazing what can be done when you have a Canadian Ambassador with you!

There was one more surprise for us before we left the water park. Supper! So…we sat down for another big meal…if only not to insult our gracious hosts!! 😉 The meal was excellent, as always.

Today I’m desperately trying to catch up on the work that should have been done yesterday, but that’s nothing new either.

Oh…I’ve been called to Jury Duty back in Canada. Ummmm…Nope!! LOL

6 responses to “So…the Canadian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia dropped by.

  1. LOL… jury duty!
    Maybe you can attend via video? Like Max Headroom… a floating head….:)
    Love the pics. Carole sends her love (hugs and kisses). I am just sending a handshake and a fist bump!
    Take care and have a great evening.

  2. Andre you are having such an exciting experience in such a short time. As I said before please continue to send pictures and I am hoping for some culinary tips on that wonderful food you are savoring. Lol.

  3. Hi André,
    For me, it is so satisfying that you are living the dream. I think it was meant to be. Enjoy, my friend.

  4. Andy – Every time I check in on your blog you are are doing something more exciting than the last time! Keep up the great work, and I will enjoy a scotch for you tonight!

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