So far…so GREAT!

Governor's Table - It was 10:30pm when we sat down for this 'snack'!

Governor’s Table – It was 10:30pm when we sat down for this ‘snack’!

My new adventure is 10 days old. The jet lag is gone…I think. The long days make it difficult to know if I’m just plain tired LOL.

I’ve experienced more new and wonderful things in the last 10 days than I have in many, many years. Big celebrations, awesome events, food, food and more food. I’ve made so many new friends and I’ve even started picking up a few words of arabic!

We were honoured guests of the Taif Investment and Tourism Company at their annual end summer celebration. Colourful entertainment, refreshments and music. I can now say I drink coffee. Arabian coffee is served in small cups with about 2 or 3 gulps. I had at least 4 cups!

Members of the TITC showed us around their Waterpark in Al Hada, which is located in the valley below Taif. It was the first time since arriving that I found it really hot. We went down the mountain on a 4.3 km long telefreak (cable car) and you could feel it getting hotter by the minute. Taif is definitely 10-15 degrees cooler than anywhere else in Saudi. Jeddah was 51 C two days ago. The hottest it’s been in Taif is 37C.

After the tour of the waterpark, which is spectacular, the Governor of Taif invited us to join him at the head table for a late-night snack! (see picutres) Needless to say we did not run out of food. The meal took place in a very large, air conditioned tent.

Last night we had a press conference on campus to let the Kingdom know we are open for business. It was a great success. TV news, newspapers, etc. They were all there.

Saudis really, really love group pictures with dignitaries. I’ve already lost track of how many we’ve posed for. Thank goodness my ego is already out of control or this might affect it!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. More in a week or so.

Salam Halaikum.

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