Snow Storm…In the Desert!! Who knew?!

Where are the hockey sticks?

Where are the hockey sticks? 


Coat? Check. Extra sweater? Check. Warm socks? Check. Camera? Check. So I’m all set. A hike through the SIQ into Petra at night. Lit only by candlelight. How amazing is this going to be?

Ring, ring. (that’s my cell phone for those of you too young to remember a phone ringing. Nice! My trip’s been cancelled due to…wait for it…SNOW!?! 100’s of tourists are stuck in Petra due to snow, ice and extreme cold. WHAT!? I was there in October and it was 47C!

I’m a tough Canadian from northern Ontario. It’s probably -1C and a few snowflakes are falling. Panic sets in. What do these Middle Eastern people know about snow storms anyways. I turn on the TV and look at footage of Amman, the capital of Jordan with about 6″ of snow on the ground and lots still falling!!! Yikes, this is for real. Even by Canadian standards, this is a good storm. So…Petra’s out.

The next day I’m going to go on a 4×4 safari run in Wadi Rum and spend the night in the desert at a Bedouin camp. See the sunset and sunrise, have a campfire, eat an old fashion bedouin meal. Can’t wait.

Ring, ring. CRAP! There’s even snow in the desert!!! Actually, there’s high winds, sand, snow and rain in the desert. Even the camels are packing their humps and heading to warmer climes.

Still not a flake of snow in Aqaba. Lucky for me I have a nice hotel because that’s where I spent my trip, LOL. Went for a few walks. Dropped in a few bars. Had a few GREAT meals. All within a kilometer or two of my hotel.

I’m back in Taif again with no time to dwell on this. We  have two Princes and a Governor coming to the campus on Thursday. There’s only about a million things to do!

So, no pictures of this trip but look for some pictures of the Princes’ visit. I’m also heading to London, England next Monday for two conferences and a presentation. I should be able to squeeze out a bit of sight-seeing and will post the results on my return.

Snow! In the desert!?

This is the Middle East!

This is the Middle East!

by Muath Freij | Jan 08, 2015 | Jordan Times

2 responses to “Snow Storm…In the Desert!! Who knew?!

  1. Hello André,
    Things that are hard to believe (until you experience them):
    Snow in the desert in the Middle East.
    Christmas lights on cacti (Arizona).
    Sweating on Christmas Day in Belize.
    I’m sure there are more things but, regardless, I am very happy that you are enjoying your experiences in the Middle East. I’d close by saying keep warm (but I’d have to be in Canada now to validate that) – wait, snow in the Middle East? Ok, keep warm. Do have fun but stay safe.

  2. Yep saw that on the news about the snow! Well now you get to rub elbows with a Prince or two. Lol

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