Orientation Day

School President Dave with two of his charges

School President Dave with two of his charges

After two weeks of intense work we finally had students on campus!!!

There was a lot of enthusiastic faces and the turnout even surpassed our estimates. We explained how the year was going to unfold, showed some videos and gave some short tours of campus. Classes don’t start until next Sunday so some of the rooms were not all furnished yet.

Tomorrow is housekeeping day. They will get their schedules, have their pictures taken for their ID cards, write a couple of assessment tests in english and math (even Saudis hate math!) and have a chance to experience the campus on their own.

I was even asked by a few students to have ‘selfies’ taken with them. Always a nice feeling.

I’ve included some pictures of the day in the gallery below. Enjoy.


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  1. Great job… looks like the first day was a success!

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