Meeting with His Excellency

Governor's Group Photo

A group photo with His Excellency, the Governor of Taif

Last week, a few members of the Niagara College Taif team were honoured to have a meeting with His Excellency, the Governor of Taif. His Excellency was very interested to hear of our progress and was kind enough to offer any assistance we might need. We discussed many topics ranging from the upcoming visit and ribbon-cutting ceremony of two of the Kingdom’s Princes to working together with various tourism councils to help promote tourism in the area.

His Excellency also indicated that he would honour our campus with a visit to witness first-hand the great work being done at Niagara College Taif

It goes without saying that it was quite an exciting day!

7 responses to “Meeting with His Excellency

  1. Merry Christmas Andre!
    Carole and I both send our best. Hope you have a few days off. What an experience to have Christmas in such a different culture!
    LOL. I was joking with Carole about her fancy pants cousin hobnobbing with the upper class!!
    Enjoy your experience and keep the posts coming. Loved your pictures of the pyramids. Take care.
    Talk to you soon. Cheers.

    • Good to hear from you guys. Give Carol and big hug for me. If you want, you get Carol to give you a big hug from me too!!

      Have a great Christmas and the best New Year ever.


  2. Hi Andy…thanks for the update. Hope you will be celebrating Christmas in some way this year….so far from friends & family. We sent you some birthday wishes earlier this month. Hope you did celebrate a bit.
    This Christmas eve we will be at Nathan’s again doing our family gift exchange before the boys mother comes to get them.
    Christmas day we will be here with Gramma Gatt, Tony, Carla, Nathan & us. Looks like we will have a wet Christmas this year.
    Take mon ami….see you in the new year!
    love & hugs coming your way! xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Hey bro, just reminding you that our surname translated to English means king. (the old French way of spelling it) So the king will be meeting with the princes. Cool!

    • Hi Julie. Please pass along my Christmas wished to everyone. I’ll miss not be there this year. Over here it’s just another day. It’s a very surreal experience. There are absolutely nothing to remind you of Christmas. It makes sense. It is a muslim kingdom but it is strange. No snow. No lights. No Christmas trees. No sales!!!

      I’m afraid our Christmas Day weather will be the same old thing. Sunny. Blue skies. 23C. OK, I don’t miss the cold or wet snow!

  4. Hey Bro. Merry Christmas to you and Bev.

    I’ve been trying to convince my colleagues over there that I am ‘Roy’alty but I don’t seem to be getting through to them. I’ve decided to take this up with the Princes when they visit. LOL

    Actually, I hope I even get a chance to chat with them. None of them if known at this point. One of the Princes actually spent time on the International Space Station. He is Saudi Arabia’s only astronaut. I bet he has some very cool stories.

    Have a great Christmas Day!

  5. Don’t forget about Skyping Christmas morning…or late afternoon for you. Hopefully we’ll have a good connection. “See” you soon!

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