Last Two Days

Bon Voyage!It’s almost time! I fly out to Saudi on Monday. That leaves me two days to finish a major assignment for my Masters (that I should have finished yesterday), do laundry (that I should have done last week!), run around for last minute things, pack and worry about what I haven’t thought to do yet!

I’m also trying to say good bye to family and friends. Unfortunately there is simply not enough time to see everyone. So this post will have to be my ‘official’ good bye to all of you. I will try to keep you ‘posted’ (see what I did there!?) every week or so with updates and pictures of my adventures in Saudi.

Yesterday I had one last ‘Friday Afternoon’ with my very good friends at our regular haunt M.T. Bellies. We have been getting together every week for over 10 years. I will miss our Friday gatherings very much. Thanks for the gift Barb, Ruth, Colin, Walshy, BGB, Foxy and Gord.

A special thanks to John for always looking after us!

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