Just checking in

Campus sunset after rain

Campus sunset after rain

I haven’t posted in a bit so I thought I’d give you a small update. I didn’t think any one cared but your emails asking for news are both welcome and fun to read. Thank you for that.

The last two weeks of so have been a settling in period. It can’t be parties, food and travel all the time. After all, I am here to help run a college!

We had our first visit from the brass at Colleges of Excellence and by all measurements we are getting it done just fine, thank you! Always nice to know that 16 hour days will get you a pat on the back by the big boys. We are still struggling through a bit of red tape but, all in all, things are progressing quite well.

Yesterday was Saudi National Day, similar to our July 1 Canada Day. We were all looking forward to the parades, fireworks and general mayhem we heard about. Well…not in our end of town! So I spent the day sleeping, then napping, then supper, then more sleeping and I got up at 2:15 am to take Dave Taylor to the airport for his trip home. Bassem left two days ago and Abbas left today. You just don’t mess with visas! They’ll be back in October. The students will be off for two weeks beginning tomorrow to return on October 12.

I have set up some training for faculty and staff next week, after which they will get one week off. As will I!!

I’ll be heading to Jordan for a visit of Aqaba and Petra. I’ll be sure the post the pictures as soon as possible. The week of October 12 will be a busy one. I will be in Riyadh attending meetings for two days followed by a day in Jeddah.

That’s it for now. More coming.


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  1. Hi Andy,
    Saw Marcel out and about last weekend and he told me about your blog – Petra is one of the places I am hoping to visit one day so I can’t wait to hear your experience. I’m looking at doing a trip to Dubai Christmas break 2015, my brother in law is working there for a couple of years so I will have a place to stay. Hilarious that they have a Timmies there.
    Have a safe trip !

    • I’m not sure which I liked best; Timmies or the beaches!! I will be sure to post a lot of pictures of Petra. It’s been on my list for a long time as well. I hope to get to Cairo next month. The pyramids, no pun intended, have been at the top of my list of places to see since I was 13-14 years old.

      You should try the beer here in Saudi. It taste just like water…which is still better than American beer LOL. (Except for the ones you’ve crafter of courses)

      Good to hear from you Jon.

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