I Made It!

Daybreak over Egypt at 39,000 feet

Daybreak over Egypt at 39,000 feet

I’ve been in Taif, Saudi Arabia for a bit more than 24 hours! The flight was great and uneventful. I flew Saudia and was pleasantly surprised to see they offer a buffet of sandwiches, fruits, juices, coffee and tea during the night. Just help yourself. I made some new friends and learned a lot about Saudi from the locals on the flight.

My driver from Jeddah to Taif was incredible. He knew a few words in english and I knew none in arabic. Oddly enough, we had a great time. It was an hour and half game of charades. We laughed and had a great time. He even pulled over to get us a coffee and tea. I’m already missing Timmie’s!!!

Put in a full day at my new office I was given a tour of the campus, set up my computers, had an amazing lunch of grilled beef, chicken, lamb and vegetables. Very good!!

The campus residences are not quite ready yet so off we went to apartments we have for now. Lots of unpacking! We then went out shopping for computers and tech stuff to get ready for our open houses next Monday and Wednesday.

After being awake for 37 hours, it was finally time for bed! Slept like a baby!!

It will take a few days to get into the routine but it has been a great start.

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  1. Glad you made it safely my friend – how’s the weather? Hot hot hot? I’m excited to see more pics as you take them 🙂 Keep sleeping well!

  2. I like your blog. Good luck out there, bro! Keep us informed.

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