As some of you may know, I’m working on my Masters online from Royal Roads University in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Why? When you’re an ex-pat living in Saudi Arabia, you need a hobby! Actually, I had registered for my Masters before I knew anything about the Saudi project.

This week at Niagara College Taif, is the start of our third trimester. How time flies. We are all very busy with the work that a new trimester involves and, just for more fun, our first Institutional Review is in less than one month. I don’t need a hobby…I need more hours in the day!

“But Andre, what to the pictures of the baboons have to do with any of this?” I hear you asking. As the title of my post suggests, it really, really is for an assignment. It would take way too long to try an explain it so you will just have to trust me. If I get a good mark, I’ll let you know!


A troop of baboons makes its way through the mountainous trails

Just 15 minutes out of Taif, there are some beautiful mountains where many baboons live. There are numerous tribes (or troops, or congress, depending what site you choose when you Google ‘baboon’) and while they are certainly not domesticated, they do like free handouts of food. They therefore ‘put up’ with humans a bit but one still needs to be careful.

The males are big! They have very large and pointy teeth. Oh yeah, and a big, old, red butt too!! They move incredibly fast and I certainly wouldn’t want one, or more, coming after me.

They are fun to watch. I was told not to stare directly into their eyes, which is not easy when your’re trying to take pictures, but you could see them keeping a close watch on you. The little baby baboons look a bit ragged to me. They don’t have a lot of hair yet and their faces are all wrinkled. Not the ‘AHHHH what a cute kitty’ look, that’s for sure.


This little guy is very well cared for by his mother

So there. Not exactly a National Geographic explination of baboons but I think I took a few good pictures all the same. I shot a bit of video but I didn’t have a tripod so please forgive the camera movements. The video is only 33 seconds long but the last 10 seconds are the best!  🙂

If you want to see more, go to my Flickr site by clicking the link below.

Baboons of Al Hadda

6 responses to “Homework!

  1. Just monkeying around getting that masters?

  2. If only it were that easy! :o)

  3. hey andy….are all males so stern looking? No wonder you shouldn’t look them in the eye! LOL
    Keep on working hard. You will be back soon for another visit. It’s officially spring, but still damn cold! Take care mon ami.

    • LOL. I really didn’t get much of a chance to chat with them. Spring has finally come to Taif as well. OK, it’s difficult to tell the difference but still…

  4. Yeah…right! The last 10 seconds of that video are…well…interesting. I had to have a banana as it made me hungry. lol

  5. That’s almost as disgusting as the video!!! LOL

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