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  1. Hi Andy, The food looks amazing. So far so great. Give a shout to Dave for me.
    All good here.
    Have fun

    • Clarkie! Dave says hi back. I miss the joint. Not a Caesar to be found anywhere but it is a pretty amazing place. My visa says I must leave the country every 30 days so…grudgingly and strictly for the team…I’m heading to Dubai this afternoon for a three-day break. The pool at the hotel is on the roof, not far from the bar. The things I do for Niagara College.


  2. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from us both. Do they have turkeys in SA? We are up in Alban for the weekend. Mom and Dad say hello. Have a great time. Ken is jealous! What. An awesome experience.

    • Hi!

      So great to hear from you both. Here in Saudi the work week starts on Sunday and goes to Thursday. So I was working yesterday. But I did celebrate Thanksgiving’s by having cubed turkey in my salad for supper. Not quite roasted turkey with stuffing and sweet potatoes but it’s the best I could do. Give your parents a big hug for me.

  3. hey Andy
    Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us. HOW WONDERFUL FOR YOU!
    We have a bit of snow falling…just a bit. I had my “open house” yesterday. It went well, but as usual there were some of my friends who couldn’t make it!
    All is well here. You did miss Nathan’s 40th. b-day last week….YES the big 40. Walter & Sharon had a party for him at their house last Friday! My, my, my, I am getting old!
    Take care my friend. love & hugs from us.
    Geo. & Jul xoxoxox

  4. Happy birthday Andy! We miss you. I know you don’t care about birthdays anymore, but it is a special day! Celebrate & enjoy. Sending love across the sea!

    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that…no wait…you’re right. I don’t care!! LOL

      I have just returned from a few days in Istanbul, Turkey. I hope to have some pictures up soon. It may not be until after December 15 though. We have TWO Princes coming for a visit of our beautiful campus here in Taif and there are a ton of things to do to get ready. I’m sure I’ll have pictures of that as well.

      My love to you and George and the rest of the gang.


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