Beautiful Bahrain

217Ever one of those weekends when all you want to do is ‘nothing’? Just laze around with a cold beer and scotch and watch life go by? That’s what I was in the mood for this past weekend and that’s exactly what I did.


OK, so it was in beautiful Bahrain and I was lounging beside multiple swimming pools while looking out on the Arabian Gulf at a four-star resort and spa, but still…I was lazing!!! The next time you pop into Bahrain, I can highly recommend the Elite Resort and Spa in Muharraq, Bahrain. The service is incredible! It’s as if they anticipate your needs before you know them yourself. On two separate occasions, I was reaching into my fridge and noticed I was taking the last water bottle. Before I could even open it, room service was at the door with another half dozen to replenish the stock. Sitting under a shady umbrella, taking in the warm October breeze while gazing out at the blue waters of the Gulf, I would be I would be finishing my last gulp of cold, refreshing beer and the server would appear with a new one! I didn’t even have to ask. OK, that’s not such a good example but I was never empty damn it!!


The Elite is aptly named. Everything was perfect. All the little, finishing touches are there. Nothing is out of place. The flowers are fresh. All is as it should be.

There are two aquariums in the lobby with a colourful variety of fish that draws your look every time you walk by.

Here are a few pictures of the Elite, both from the inside and outside and during the day and night. These pictures are mostly for my good friend Kathy and her hospitality students.

Of course, you would expect the food at this type of resort to be of the highest caliber and that it was! Incredible buffets for lunch and supper. A complimentary, fully loaded, breakfast buffet with an amazing omelet station was waiting every morning. Just to remind you that your were, after all, in the Middle East, breakfast was served in huge, air-conditioned tent beside the beach. The requisite tapestries, pillows and multi-coloured drapes that one expects of such a location added a feast to eyes to compliment the culinary feast on your plate.

The lunch and supper buffets consisted of mixed grill meats one night and paella and seafood the next. The pictures do not convey just how great it all tasted. Just for fun, if you wanted fish, you chose it from what was on offer and off it went to the grill or the pan, depending on your choice. Of course, to put an exclamation mark on the meal, desserts were also available and the variety seemed endless.

All of these culinary masterpieces were served and enjoyed outside by the pool while soft Arabic music wafted through the air to remind you that you were not at McDonald’s. The Elite has two large pools, a child’s splash pad and a party-sized hot tub. The flora added to the relaxing tone of your surroundings. Here are a few examples. (Again…don’t forget the beer glass thing!!)

The resort immediately beside the Elite is the Novotel, a five-star luxury worthy of it’s international reputation. I wandered over on Halloween Night, drawn by the music and costume wearing crowd that were filing into the resort. It, too, was very impressive.

Finally, here is my colleague from Niagara College Taif, Charmarke. He is an ESL teacher at our campus and was in Bahrain to file for a new visa. He popped over for supper and to kill a bit of the time as waiting for these government papers is not always fun.


So there! That’s how I spent my weekend. Doing absolutely nothing but resting and, as my good friend Barry says, wondering what the poor people were doing! Did I mention my beer glass was never empty?


Ummmm…I meant my rye and coke!


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