Back In Taif

Well that certainly was an adventrue!

I just arrived back in Taif today?!?! I was supposed to arrive 3 days ago but our plane had some issues. So after two fun-filled days at Pearson Airport and two nights in a Toronto hotel, I’m finally here.

My stay in Canada wasn’t what I was hoping for. When I left Saudi Arabia it was 26C. Thirteen hours later I was in Canada with -25C!?!?  What’s up with that? After 6 months of short-sleeves and no-coat weather, I arrived to the coldest stretch Canada has experienced in 100 years. Of course I immediately caught a cold and was in bed for 8 days. No doubt fatigue and the joy of being back home played a role in this but I wasn’t 100% until 5 days before I had to leave.

I didn’t see half the people I was hoping to see and I apologize for that. Between being sick, getting some college work done and going through the busiest course in my masters, I didn’t have much free time. The good news (for me, anyway) is that I will back in mid to late June. No more of these 6 months stay. That’s just too long to be away from home.

I haven’t a clue where my next trip will be but I will post the pictures when I get back! Sometime in early April.

I’m going to bed now!

3 responses to “Back In Taif

  1. Well hello my friend. What no pictures of your beloved Frozen Ontario ? Hmmm can’t take this cold. Lol you have climatized to the warm weather there. But it sure was nice to see your smiling face. Even exhausted and weary. Enjoy the next few months and adventures. Safe travels.

  2. A three-day delay at Pearson Airport is not an experience I recommend for anyone. Somehow adpating from -20C temperatures to 28C here in Taif is much easier than the other way around. But, home is home and it was great being back.

  3. Hello my friend,

    Glad to hear you are back in the “warm” and feeling well. That is quite some temperature difference. It’s why Donna and I aren’t going to visit Welland until May. Hopefully the 99° we regularly have won’t be too much difference to what the temperature will be in May in Welland. Stay well André.

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