Another Late Night

The Awaliv Hotel in Downtown Taif. Drop in for supper if you're ever in town

The Awaliv Hotel in Downtown Taif. Drop in for supper if you’re ever in town

Sunday night (Sept. 7) was another late one! We were guests of honour at the Taif Chamber of Commerce followed by another late supper at the Awaliv Hotel in the heart of downtown Taif.

It’s a 30 story-high hotel with a revolving restaurant on the 29th floor and an open air lounge for desserts and coffee/tea. I can assure you the view from both vantage points was awesome. The food? Need you ask? LOL

The chef came out and chatted with us. He was very proud of a new concept they are trying at the hotel. The Stone Grill. Beef cooked at your table on a special stone that’s heated to 400F. We were all proud to find out the Chef only uses pure Canadian Angus beef!

Chef cooked up two offerings: steak and ground beef. He created an absolutely outstanding pepper sauce to compliment the steak. The perfect coupling. The ground beef needed nothing – it was melt-in-your-mouth good.

Supper was at 9:30pm and by the time all was done, it was just about midnight. Back to the hotel and in bed by 1:00am and up for another day at 6:00am. I need some well deserved R & R! On Friday I’m heading for Dubai for the weekend. I may sleep the entire first day. Whenever I do wake up, a massage is a top priority. After that…HEY!!! It’s Dubai!!! You figure it out. I’ll have pictures to share when I get back.

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4 responses to “Another Late Night

  1. I can tell you are HAVING A GREAT TIME! Enjoy your weekend & get the rest you so deserve. ttys
    hugs from Canada xoxoxox

  2. Really Andy .. That’s a long way to go for Canadian Beef! Enjoy your time off .

  3. Fabulous! enjoy!

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