A Gift from Saleh

Saleh and me

Saleh and me

Yesterday evening I had a visit from my good friend Saleh and his son Anas. They came over to say goodbye as my return to Canada is barely a week away. In our vastly improving but still sorely lacking mastery of each other’s language, we relived a few memories from the past 15 months. We shared many laughs and a few tears. Man, it’s difficult to say goodbye!

Anas and me

Anas and me

Young Anas then presented me with a gift. Saleh had him taught him a couple of lines of English which Anas delivered beautifully.  And what a gift it was! A handmade, traditional Arabian dagger in a sheath covered with silver.


How beautiful is that? The packing material is dried flower petals and leaves. I think it goes well with the silver of the sheath. :o)


The handle is made from the branch of a local tree.

To make it even more special, Saleh engraved the blade with my name and date. I will treasure both his friendship and generous gift forever.

Look at those big, brown eyes!!!

Look at those big, brown eyes!!!

Shokran Saleh.

2 responses to “A Gift from Saleh

  1. Andy. The beautiful friendships you have made on your journey seem far more valuable and rewarding then the gifts in hand. You are a very special and lucky person to have such wonderful people in your life. And yes your little friend has the most warm loving kind eyes.
    Safe travels on your journey home. See you soon.

  2. My friends will be what I miss the most. But a close second will be a week’s worth of laundry, washed, pressed and hung for about 8-10 Canadian dollars! Can’t beat that.

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